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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Computer repair and computer help

You have a problem with your computer? In a computer virus has penetrated, the information disappeared from the hard drive, or do not work correctly program? Urgently need computer repair? Then I'll be able to help. I can quickly respond to the challenge, qualitatively and quickly repaired computers - whether it be home or office computer while repair of computers can be both in my studio and on location. Dates computer repairs average less than one working day, but rather the computer help is literally for three - four hours. In this case, the cost of repairs you can advance by phone.

I have over ten years doing computer equipment and its repair - is not just a job, but the favorite pastime.

Router, or on the Russian manner, the router - this is one of the devices in the network, which decides on the ability or inability to transfer any data between computers on the network.

This offer is valid only in Kiev

625.00 грн.

A couple of years ago, the use of Wi-Fi technology for ordinary users have been unusual. Today they are widespread and have become so popular due to the relatively low cost of communication and the benefits that can eliminate the need for laying cables and installing additional switching equipment.

This offer is valid only in Kiev

375.00 грн.

Installing Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7Pered how to install on your computer operating system, you must select it. All operating systems are divided into two major groups:
This offer is valid only in Kiev

500.00 грн.

LAN - it's two, and often several computers connected together. Configuring the local network includes the presence of two binding components: a network card and the connection between computers. The connection can be via cable - electric or fiber optic, or wireless network - using the technology wi-fi.
This offer is valid only in Kiev

625.00 грн.

Determining the causes of abnormal operation of the computer in other words - computer diagnostics - to be carried out by experts. Only to professionals under the force to identify and eliminate a number of typical problems in the computer.
This offer is valid only in Kiev

375.00 грн.

The term "computer virus" was first mentioned in 1984, but then emerged into the light of the first anti-virus software to detect and remove viruses.
This offer is valid only in Kiev

450.00 грн.
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