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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Good response to customers who love to order at a price rewrite copyright.

Not rarely any executor come completely unfavorable to him suggestions.


This, for example, offer rewrite your source.

Why is it profitable for the artist?

1. It is necessary to look for the source and whether they have a question?

2. Skompanovyvat them, clean up too much, you need to build upon.

As a result of the costs of time and labor as practicable copyright.

And to pay only 20% -30% more expensive than your price.

Others, too, no less widespread offer.

Do rewrite, copyright for different services and service.

Milalinks example.

There are many requirements and you will again spend your time and effort and it will not pay.

I liked the response of one of the performers, when the customer asked why the singer ignored his offer:

- For $ 0.5 do the work proposed by you, we will not (to communicate with a third party regarding the clarification of the requirements to the texts, to search for his rules (and there is clearly written that requires copywriting)) - this is just ridiculous.

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