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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Jenah-Ping - Дженах Пингатор

base jenah ping, Jenah-Ping - Дженах Пингатор,database jenahping 2012
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base jenah ping, PageRank, template monster, templatemonsters 

Jenna Pingator - Jenah-Ping

Scripts Jena Pingator - Jenah-Ping (paketka) to work with databases Jenny TIC building and rapid indexing.
The script goes around the base Jena (2253 Urla), creates a direct link (backs) on your site.
Ping backs in service pingomatic.com, to seed a search engine bots.
Generates indexers to 100% indexation Bolsheviks.
Pings indexers ping services Google and Yandex.
Script server, php code is open, ready for any modifications.

Familiarity with Jenah Ping.
Jenah Ping script runs in PHP. Pretty easy, does not load the site. Consists of 12 files, weighing not more than 300 kb, which simplifies the loading of the FTP for those who have slow internet, or, like me, rate of return "is extremely low." Another advantage - no installation required.
Initially, the base of the program consists of 2000 sites pingatorov. But this is a standard base and she will be very little sense. In a future article I'll post a fresh base Jenah Ping.

Jenah Ping program also promotes the growth of TCI (TCI that is) and PR (that is PR).
The program's interface, you can see
in the screenshot.

DOWNLOAD Jenna Pingator - Jenah-Ping

DOWNLOAD BASE Jenah-Ping 2012

base jenah ping

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