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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Russian translation of Flash template Flashden XML

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Russian translation of Flash template Flashden XML

Developer: flashden.net
Translation: Russian
Flash 8 ActionScript 2
Dynamic fotogalereyny site poddrerzhkoy XML.
Translated Help, text objects in faylah.fla, XML-files, text and comments appearing in the code of Action Script and PHP.
Demo: s3.envato.com/files/73640/index.html

Settings and FAQ

Can I use text instead of the png logo?
Yes you can. Navigate to the folder "xml", the file "configuration.xml" and change the value "logo_type". For a text logo "text", the figure for "image". If you have a logo as an image, make sure that the path to it in the parameter "logo".

Which version of Flash should be used for opening files. fla?
This template contains. fla files are saved to Flash version 8. You can also open them with Flash CS3, but they should be saved for Flash 8.

What version of ActionScript is used in the files?

How to add, remove or edit menu links?
Navigate to the folder "xml", the file "menu.xml" and change the "name".
External path to the file you want to load the link should be specified in the parameter "swf".

How many options can be added to the menu?
As much as you please.

Can I add an external URL in the menu?
Yes. Open the file "menu.xml" from the folder "xml" and change the "link". Make sure that the option "swf" is empty (ie, swf ="").

How do I change the font and its properties in the horizontal menu?
Open the file 'index.fla', find the objects 'menu item' and change them as you like.

Attention! Archive with a password. To purchase the full version russified accessed through feedback or to read the section HOW TO OBTAIN PASSWORD

Download Flashden XML MODULAR TEMPLATE | 28.45 Mb


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