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Какая из бирж тебе по душе?
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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Хороший ортопедический матрас - какой он?

A good mattress - what is it?

The importance of sleep for healthy organism is understood by all the people, but what exactly should be done to make it really so? Just one step - choose a convenient, health-promoting, mattress askona terapia pulse. Improve well-being and give real comfort mattresses. They differ in the presence or absence of springs, the number and composition of the filler, which can be natural or artificial.

The choice depends on the complexion man and his physiological characteristics, so before buying a mattress, you should make sure that it is selected correctly. Also, the buyer expects to spend some money, and he wondered why the cost of various different mattresses.

Price depends on the name of the manufacturer and the materials that are used for sewing. In the first case, the cost of forming the distance traveled by the supplier. In the second - a unique medicinal properties, service life without loss of quality, the degree of allergenicity of materials that komfort massage s1000.

From the design of the mattress depends, from which it is produced. For example, the spring is a whole system the individual blocks arranged vertically throughout the product area. Springless consist of several layers of filler differing thickness.

By the spring system imposed by the requirements of orthopedic effect, which depends on the device spring units. Each of them can be individually placed in a special case with a filler. This independent design ensures the correct curvature of the spine, it is relaxed, but not bend. This system increases the overall cost, but buy mattresses such a structure is advantageous in connection with long service life.

In another arranged dependent system. It all springs are bonded to each other, representing a closed structure. This is the cheapest model of mattresses, their therapeutic effect is somewhat reduced due to the lack of certain elements, sealing each spring.

The natural or artificial materials are used as seals. The first are able to restore the health of the body lots of natural qualities. These include:

- camel's wool;
- Natural rubber latex;
- Coconut fiber;
- Lnodzhutovy felt.

Artificial substitutes, dramatically reducing the cost of products made from polyurethane foam. He has good physical properties, the main ones are the durability and elasticity that is sufficient to maintain the correct position of the spine.

The fabric, which is used to sew the cover may also consist of natural or synthetic yarns. Cotton and linen are the best materials to use for this purpose. They are pleasant contact with the skin, has good heat transfer. mixed fabrics used in inexpensive mattresses, while the buyer takes into account their ability to cause allergies. If it is high - you can buy natural cover separately.

Accessories also affects the price of an orthopedic mattress. For example, the cover is provided with high-quality fastener, through which it can be removed and washed. It can also be completely sostrochennym. In this case it is useful to purchase an additional cover made of natural fabric and use it on top of the existing.

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