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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Итальянская мебель

Italian furniture

Italian furniture

 The whole world admires her ! Why Italians are not only great actors, but also designers , sculptors, architects ? Our modern civilization has gone from ancient Rome. Maybe that's it ? Italians know how to innovate and work .

Although , not only in Italy make fine furniture . Around the world, where there is a large Italian diaspora , make great furniture. In Latin America , the U.S. and even in Australia . In Italy, many families live and earn their living by producing his own furniture. And some "underground office " become global brands !

You want to buy a chest of drawers , a sofa, bedside table , bed? No problem ! Time shortages and endless queues long gone! Remember queue for Romanian furniture ? In the First party bosses could turn their hands to reach it and give praise Ceausescu couple and the entire socialist camp .

But , admittedly, Italian furniture - the best furniture in the world. Romanian , Spanish , French furniture , with all due respect inferior products from Italy. No matter where it was made : in Venice, Milan , Rome, Turin and Palermo ! Artisans glorious whole of Italy ! If you buy products from us , you will not have to doubt the quality of the product ! It remains only to add : buy this beautiful furniture! Viva Italia!

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