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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Как не оказаться обманутым при работе с SEO-агентствами

How to avoid being cheated when working with SEO-agency


Unfortunately, not all that uncommon for clients SEO-services agencies are cheated and lose money. Most often, the tricks of swindlers caught beginners, but sometimes the victims are and customers, which are not the first day of work in this field - criminals invent more and more sophisticated ways of unfair wages. In this article, we'll describe the most common types of fraud schemes and how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud.


Imaginary warranty


Advertising agencies of many SEO-replete slogans safeguards promotion. But is the real guarantee of achievement Topa? To this question is an unequivocal answer is no - because neither the optimizer can not control the search engine algorithms. It is for this reason can not be given a guaranteed place in the top customer.


Professionals that promise wholly promotion in the top of search results is better to sidestep - they dissemble. If one is truly a quality site with little effort can be put into the top ten of search results, then what will they do with the frank HS? At best, refuse to move after the audit of the site, and at worst - to pump out the money from the client, not achieving the results, and then shirk responsibility by one of the stealth.


"Small print" in the contract


When contacting SEO-agency must provide a contract that the transaction was valid. Just in it and can be concealed cunning tricks of law by which the agency can make good money on the client.


So, what are the points on the contract in the first place you should pay attention to? Read the contract thoroughly and very carefully, especially the conditions that would describe the result. It is quite possible to meet these tricks:

The contract may be listed a dozen search engines, as well as mention of the fact that the agency promises to bring a site in the top 10. But it is nowhere specified that the site will be on the first page of all search engines! That is the site to meet the conditions enough to get in the top of any system. Needless to say, that the Cyrillic query within the same Yahoo can inexpensively, without resorting to complex techniques easy to reach the top. Only the good of it will not be nearly as Yahoo has low popularity in our country, and the traffic of the system miserable.

With caution must be given to the tax rates that are calculated based on a percentage of keywords into the top. The scheme is simple - performer moves 70% specified queries and you pay 70% of the total. The catch here is that among these words are only low-queries that are very easy and very cheap to bring in the top. Traffic they bring, and their promotion agency will cost mere pennies, and the lion's share of money paid will be their net income.

The contract must indicate the period during which the site should be in the TOP for the deal. Reporting period may be a month or three, but on a completely different page may indicate that the site is sufficient in Top hung for a day during the period, that the conditions of the contract have been met. Is it worth paying a lot of money for one day we stamp? Hardly ...

It is these legal tricks, you can take money from clients is legal, practically promoting their sites in the full sense of the word. Asa law can so cleverly hide these tricks in the contract that they are hard to find, even if it's up and down 5 times. As a rule, even on the first page of an ordinary person's head starts to go around from the dry and extremely difficult for the wording of bureaucratic language, it is not surprising that it is easy to lose sight of the most important moments.


What to do in that case? You can try to hire your own lawyer, who no stranger to such tricks. But there may be another problem - he may not know what a "search engine optimization", and this will only further difficulty.


Since no guarantees in search promotion of place, then they can not be the subject of the contract. Even if the right to make a contract in which there will be no tricks, but with a guarantee to get your site in the top, no sane optimizer will not work with you. Therefore, the transaction must take a completely different character, where the top of the site will be a goal, but not a condition.


Technical tricks


Is it possible to create a semblance of what the site is in the top? Yes, and that unscrupulous marketers to mislead customers. In order not to fall for their trap, we must be aware of the ways in which they use.


Typically, they are designed to trick not very savvy in SEO clients, therefore, a little to understand the process of promotion and general terms, you can easily bring them to light. What methods are used dishonest marketers?

Promote on-demand access, coinciding with the company's name or other unique names of services or goods. As a result, a site for those keywords in the top, and shows that the client, but what about the ultra-low frequency of these requests, of course, silent. The result is simple and sad: the site seems to be in the top, the money paid, but the traffic is almost zero.

Some marketers use substitution characters in the query. For example, substituted instead of Cyrillic letters, the frequency of such requests is zero, there is no competition at all, and to promote them in the top there is no difficulty. Same result can be shown to the client machine artist. But the search engines do not stand still, many of them have learned to recognize such requests and make AutoCorrect.

Another way of cheating - promotion in another region. For example, the Moscow site is moving to issue another city, where the competition is several times lower, respectively, and the promotion of a lot cheaper. After this, the client is to show the dynamics of promotion, without specifying in what region of the top site deduced.

"Black" Optimization


All the methods described above, it is still to come, you can get a more awkward situation by ordering the services to promote. Some marketers are using "black" methods that can give the effect, but short. For example, as donors may make satellite network sites, special linkatory. Satisfied customer pays the money and is happy, but not for long. Then search engines impose penalties, if not preclude the issuance of a resource. Here begins a serious problem, as even an experienced then not always be able to help get the site from the filter and return at least in its place.





Before you entrust your site promotion SEO-agency should carefully review the contract and clarify all the important points. Even if you are not interested in promoting yourself, you need to understand the basic principles and concepts of search engine optimization, otherwise you can easily fall into the trap of dishonest SEO and spend a lot of money wasted. When choosing an agency always keep in mind the reputation, read the reviews and do not pursue the low prices that it is not disturbed us.


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