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Какая из бирж тебе по душе?
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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Как построить бюджетный дом

How to build a home budget

Preparatory stage.

1 take the standard size windows.

2 practical layout and without any frills because we want to bring the house budget.

3-roofing without any problems.

4 available ctroymaterialy in Minsk allows your pocket. Flat small fireplace for heat. In general the whole economy.

It is better to build a 2-storey house than a 1-storey house and large, so will be cheaper, but the most important construction materials because in them the basic price.

The first house is a house of brick, brick is very resistant and durable, nice sound insulation, available materials and eco-friendly, but there are also disadvantages, a lot of weight: we need a thorough foundation laying. Small energy saving. Poorly treated, the building is being built for a long time.

The second house is a house of steel structures, steel is very strong.

Her plyusy- 1.Small worth. 2, fast installation. 3-withstand heavy loads, and he weighs a little. 4, any designs.

Cons: average strength and poor sound insulation and teploizolyatsiya.Vy learned two methods of construction doma.Imel their experience in this dele.Nadeyus this information was helpful.

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