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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Как создать сайт на Android

How to create a website for Android

"It is easier than you think"

создание сайтов в киевеIn our time, the site can be anyone who has the desire and means. You may wonder: "Would the site, I would have found a use for it," then you are likely to have tried to create a website for yourself, or go to the exchange sites, but looking at the prices that are out there, "light", were to play their favorite game. Perhaps someone will be surprised, but the site is set up can be any medium static people, maybe you even more surprised to learn that this can be done for free, it does not need to have any special knowledge, but what is now the cherry on the cake, it can be done at any Android device! Yes, you heard right, on a mobile phone or tablet in which you play your toys. Became interesting? Then everything in detail.

"Mom, I have a website" - be able to tell you just now. The first thing you need to do is open the Play Market, to drive to find the «Weebly Website Builder". Here it is a miracle-Weebly, how to download, open, pass not complicated registration, click <create a site>, now the fun part, choose a template, the program presents a decent amount of stylish, high-quality templates. Once the chosen template, proceed to editing. At this stage, you will appreciate the simplicity of this program, because everything is done by dragging and dropping, just select the item that you want and drag it to the place where you think it should be. Once done all that is necessary, press the button "publish", choose the url-address and you're done! "So it's easier than ever" -Tell you, I completely agree with you, even a child can understand it.

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