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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Минусы бесплатного хостинга

Disadvantages of free hosting

The question arises hosting to anyone who wants to build a website and put it on the Internet. Each solves this problem in its own way. Good or bad decision we made, we know that, unfortunately, later. However, my experience tells me one thing: "Free cheese is only in a mousetrap."

But move on to the hosting. This word refers to lease space on the hard disk-based web server. Plus you get additional services such as support for programming languages, databases, mailboxes and more. Companies that provide hosting services are called web hosting providers. Their task is to provide round the clock access to your resource from Internet users. All this is achieved through the use of modern equipment (servers), a very wide channel Internet connection and, of course, hardly a large staff of skilled employees.

I think you do not have to explain that equipment such as server very quickly obsolete and outdated. The server is a powerful computer, and every few years it will be replaced by more modern. Plus, Internet access costs money. Plus staff wish to receive monthly salaries. Add taxes, expenses for rent, royalties, etc. What is your conclusion? Quality hosting can be free. That's obvious.

But the Internet was breaking down offers of free hosting. Is it all hype? Not really. Simply, each company offering similar services, has specific goals. Some expect to earn on your site, while others make you their client. There are still others - they are just crooks. But let us begin to list all the disadvantages of free web hosting and just take a look at some hosting sites, to which group.

Many "free" hosting sites collect payment for the so-called value added services. As a rule, the use of programming languages, and for access to databases. For any serious site like hosting immediately cease to be free. Maximum you can save on tech support.
Almost all free hosting providers are required on every page of your site's obligatory advertising. It's also a fee for hosting. At the same time compulsory advertising takes the best, most visible places. And plus you get to serious limitations on its own advertising.
Many affiliate programs do not work with sites hosted on free hosting, or placing them very high.
On all free hosting is a limitation on the size of the file. As a result, you will not be able to upload to your site large images, music or video files.
On all free hosting there is a limit on monthly traffic for your site. Typically, a 5 or 10 GB per month. This is a big problem for the well-visited sites. Once the limit is reached the traffic, your site will stop working until the end of the month.
None of free hosting does not guarantee the uninterrupted operation of your site. Do not be surprised if your site will often be unavailable.
Free hosting you will have many "neighbors." As a result, the download speed of your site will suffer from it.
On the free hosting there is no regular data backup. In the event of server failure of the material is hosting your site will be lost forever. (The paid hosting backups performed every day.)
Moving a site with free hosting to another hosting service is usually very problematic, and sometimes it is simply impossible to do.
Your site can be removed at any time without explanation. Content is not refundable.
All the sites on free hosting are heavily censored. And, as a rule, always an erotic theme is prohibited.
On any free hosting tech support is completely absent. Any problem you will solve only their own. And these problems will, believe me, a lot.
All free hosting, which require mandatory placement of their advertising on your site, refer to the first group. They make for you. Now appeared on the market and is actively promoting its services to a second group of free web hosting. Typically, these are companies that also offer high-quality paid hosting. Their job is to make you their client. They do not impose a mandatory advertising supported programming languages, databases, and even support the second level domain names. They can place a quality site. But! Once in your life will go the people. Let's say 50 visitors per day. You will be prompted to move to a paid version of hosting. If you refuse, your site is permanently deleted.

There are also scammers. Commonplace thieves. When you put your website on free hosting, and even a third-level domain, the owner of this site is hosting. If the site becomes profitable and popular, you can just pick it. Formally, any rights to the site you will not. Of course not all crooks, but by placing your website on free hosting, you always run the risk of the result of their labors to give a stranger. You are so generous?

To summarize. Lows free hosting service clearly outweigh its advantages. Think well before you make a final decision. All free hosting is only a drill, the first test of strength. Do not put them on major projects! This will bring you benefits. Company Prohosting in Ukraine gives quality. This company has been tested by time.

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