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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Настройки XRumerа

settings XRumer


Registration only (no Ad) - if enabled, Hrumer through the entire base will simply register, without the publication of advertisements.
Note: If you need to reference profiles stored in a successful record "Profiles", we recommend to enable the option "Edit profile after registration"
Mandatory registration plus posting - Hrumer before the publication of announcements will be recorded in any case, even if it is possible to leave the post without registration.
IMPORTANT: If you are not using in the future mass-editing of posts and profiles, this option is not recommended to activate as
Hrumer it is forced to deal with a lot of defenses, and as a result of successfully placed advertisements% lower.
Subscribe to a previously registered user - This mode Hrumer will advertise the name of the user, which was recorded during the previous mailing.


- In the current project should remain the same nickname and password.
In the process of mailing the program will not register again, and soon will produce a login (username).
- Modes "Just check", "Mandatory registration plus posting", "Newsletter of the previously registered user" are intended solely for the experience.
When sending in
guest books, blogs, etc. Some systems might not work properly - it is desirable to turn them off, if enabled

4. Aggressive mode distribution - the regime's aggressive distribution of forums, the topic is created not one, but once in all sections of the forum (if possible).
This option only works on certain versions of
forums (phpBB, VBulletin, YaBB, IconBoard, IPB) and only in LinksList.
Auto Continue - if enabled, when you start the program will automatically run the process of mailing the current database of links.
Insert a check after sending an active link - check the option after posting an active link, do not forget that it makes sense to enable this option only if dispatched
text there are references (in the correct format - with http://); moreover, do not include this option in the mode of express-mailing and sending on the basis of ZLinksList.


In the absence of references in the correct format (http:// ...) and in the field of "Home" and the "Message" and the "signature", this option within the program automatically
reset to 0.

Edit profile after registration - if you turn this option, the program after registering for an account will edit the additional fields that were not available when registering:
"Home", "Signature" and the other (the data fields available for registration in forums such as IPB and VBulletin, therefore, very important for them to enable this - chance to be a link
much higher).
Upload avatars when editing your profile - if this option is enabled, the program will select the avatar (picture) randomly from the sub-folder "img \ Avatars \", and upload when editing
Enter under the current account, if the username is busy - if this option is enabled, when I try to register, if the program gets an error "this username / e-mail is already in use", will attempt to
login with username and password, which are set out in the project (ie the program will assume that the previously recorded on this site)
When not working BB-code - to transform it into HTML - if this option is selected and sent out in the text there is BB-code
For example, the links are designed as
[Url = http://link] tekst_ssylki [/ url]

, Then the resource on which the BB-code not handled (guest books, message boards, etc.), everything will be automatically converted to HTML:

[Url = http://link] tekst_ssylki [/ url]
- In
<a href=http://link> tekst_ssylki </ a>

[B ]...[/ b] - in <b> ...</ b>

and so on.
11. Algorithm to include cost of traffic - includes AET.
In this mode, the base will be formed with ZLinksList adding a special meta-information, which will subsequently
repeatedly to speed up delivery.
Include refspam - if this option is the first request to each link from the database will be made indicating the Referer = home page of your project.
Refspam only, without posting and registration - the program will make a request to a page from the database and all the links that are referenced by the page, indicating the Referer = homepage of
Your project.
Posting messages will not be made.


To start at the exit - if enabled, if you accidentally close the program, it automatically starts again.
Visual Effects - effects of the "ascent" form, etc.
Monitoring - if enabled, at the top of the monitor in a single line to display the current demands of the program via the Internet.
Do not save settings - if enabled, when you close the program, all changes will be saved
5. Disable graphical logo program - hide graphic logo at the top of the form.
Especially true when used on remote servers and VPS.
6. Turn off monitor the flow chart - a map of the hides of threads in the process of mailing.
It is recommended to use the software to improve performance and increase the stability of
during distribution.

Special conditions of anonymity

1. Do not send messages without a proxy - enable this option if you want to have a 100% guarantee that your message will be sent only by using a proxy.
Before turning this option
check the "Use proxy" in the "anonymity" of the main form of the program.
Allow the post without a proxy in the priority topics - This option is designed to accelerate the distribution, if you have a level of anonymity is not critical: if the program will detect the current
forum section that is appropriate for the priority list (which is specified in the project), then use a proxy for this forum will be shut down.


Detailed records - if this option is enabled, each link in the report files will be commented
Keep in a Z-base links, which require activation - in the base being formed when we send ZLinksList id *. txt will be placed not only links to resources, which could send messages, but also those
resources that have managed to register and was sent an activation code to the post.
Keep a log list of topics on the forums - when you turn on this option, the program will keep a log list of topics on the forums (like those that have managed to leave a message, and all the rest), the log file -
Logs / CategoriesLog id *. txt

When you click on the "Start from the beginning"

When you start a newsletter from the very beginning of the base index, then most likely need to remove old records.
If you include these options, the corresponding records will be deleted automatically when a new

"Repair" button restores the default values.

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