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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Общее SEO и веб-дизайн. Проблемы новых владельцев сайта

Total SEO and web design. The problems the new owners of the site

Here is a list of things that I see many new site owners who forget to check or do not know what to check before starting the site.
Common mistakes:

· Use the same name / description tags throughout the site. Implementation of these actions can lead to a drop in the supplemental index Google.

· Add all the keywords for a site on the same page in the tag keywords. Just add keywords represent the page. In addition, never to repeat a word three times in a key word tag.

· Too many links on a page.

· Java-script, image or flash menu? How to avoid such cases. Use of HTML or CSS-menu to help robots find and index your site properly.

· Java-scripts and flash sites still do not SEO friendly. None entered the page.

· Lack of a site map HTML and XML

· Link exchange is a good way to raise PR. Perhaps there was a few years ago, but no more. Stay away from link exchange, if possible. If you need to exchange links, make sure that they are linked. Links to unrelated sites can lead your website to ban, in other words, stop completely scanned Google.

· Canonization (adjust, determine, legitimize)? Takes only one version of the URL-address. If each of them was used on the site, you can divide the page. The page will be created and indexed to the same extent. You can verify this by entering a different URL-addresses, or check the page rank. For example, if a WWW site with PR and also without the WWW you can encounter problems with the rating for your home page. It will also be divided on your PR.

Examples: www.mysite.com/
· Www.mysite.com / index.htm
· Mysite.com / home.asp

· Dynamic URL bad. URL-address with a large number of rows the query is not recommended.

Other common factors
Availability of the site
- Site map

- The size of
the site
Age of the site
Length of the URL
- flash

- Forwarding
(301 and 302)

This is
not an exhaustive list of factors that led me here particularly significant and substantial.

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