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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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SEO факторы: какие из них имеют наибольшее влияние на рейтинг

SEO Factors: Which Ones Have the Most Impact on Rankings

Today we live in times of throwing Search Engine (PS) in search of the most important ranking factors. We'll see how some factors, yesterday the former very important today lose their weight and change to new factors.

The most significant change, according to leading optimizers, is weight loss reference.

I note that these should optimizers in something right. Indeed, the average link now sends less trust than it was before, and is replaced by a reference rankings come other factors. But it is not all that easy.

On 12 August 2011 a new ranking algorithm of Google «Panda" granted to Russia. Let's Let's understand on what basis the filter criteria, sites and how you can look like the most trust in the eyes of Google.

With great confidence I can say that and Yandex uses similar ranking algorithms, as we have repeatedly written in the pages Lipf.Ru

So, immediately catches the eye Here is such a formulation

The general rule ... and advice to webmasters is that much more important to create content that will appeal to users than trying to "fit" the content of the site under the current algorithms ...

Thus we see the prevalence of behavioral factors on the content. Actually what is measured "like" or "do not like" site:

1. CTR in the crescent
2. Time spent on site, depth of view
3. Waiver of extradition and the search results further results
4. Increase the natural reference - recommendations in social networks, Twitter, Facebook, links from favorites
5. Citation sites / forums, link to the site
6. All sorts of estimates huskies, Google +1
7. Commenting materials
8. The credibility of visitors
9. Subscribe to the RSS and reading
10. Returns to the site

11. Dozens of other evaluation factors and usability of interesting websites based on behavioral algorithms

As a large number of users who use Chrome, and webmasters - all kinds of chips from Google - such as Analytics, Adsense, Fidberner, YouTube, etc, a variety of bars and assembly Mozily with onymi, Gravatar-s, etc., the tracking of these indicators is quite feasible .

Thus, to the fore, in addition to the standard methods of promotion, after the introduction of Google Panda - is the maximum socialization to promote the project. In this case, the most advantageous sorts look WEB 2.0 resources than standard blogs. Indeed, social network resources with embedded systems socialization content, and simply provided with all kinds of systems, public assessment of the site, such as Gogle +1, retweets, huskies, etc. should look more trusts (authority) in the eyes of the SS than the resources are not equipped with them, with the active content on the site assessments. However, the PC may independently collect important information about the site and the behavior of users on it, as mentioned just above.

Let's analyze how individual indicators correlate with the part of the trust site, which depends on the behavior.

For example there are a factor - as number of pages viewed on the site. As mentioned above, the PC can independently collect the data using the built-in browsers bars, built analytics to sites, etc.

However, as you can appreciate, as it should be distributed average page views?

First, given the number of hits is highly dependent on my site. Below I have listed a sample of all your own site with the installed counter LI in July 2011 by the number of page views unique visitors.

Thus, collecting and analyzing information on the behavior srednestaticheskogo member on various topics, you build the scale of behavior of visitors to your site, and which should compare actual statistics collected on your site.

Thus, two important observations:
- Behavioral factors are highly dependent on the topic of resource
- In the behavior of visitors to observe cyclical seasonal dependence

There is not any doubt that all major PC has such intelligence on all subjects of a site and there is the constant comparison of data on your site with the average statistics.

When deviation of the worse (less depth of view site rapid withdrawal from the site), the trust factor is underestimated site and the site sags extradition.

In parallel, there is a question of your site belonging to a particular theme. If it is described in the major directories atsessorami, it seems, the subject is assigned a catalog (UC, DMOZ, Catalogue Mayle, Rambler, etc.). If the site is not described - that are on the site typical piece belonging varying themes and it refers to a specific site area teams.

Characteristically, likely Yandex defines theme for the site as a whole, while Google determines the overall theme of the site and topic specific pages. This should be considered when placing links on other sites

So, let's get back to this article of the algorithm of "Panda"

Let's look at the principles that guide us in the modification of the quality of search algorithms. We aim to lay at their core subjects listed below. On them and we encourage you to pay attention to publishers.

1. Wrote a paper lover with a superficial understanding or a professional with a deep knowledge in this domain?

This does not algoritmiziruetsya and evaluation is based solely on behavioral factors

2. If the article is not copied from another source? Whether it contains unique information, unpublished research, new reports or fresh analyzes?

A check for plagiarism / copy-paste. Google determines the copy-paste way better than Yandex and determines kopipastny content in samplimental - extra base. Yandex in finding kopipasta usually gives it to the main issue, but upon the occurrence of relapses and some tightening algorithm pushes it under the ACS.

We return to the evaluation factors Pandas

Are there many online articles on this topic? Do significantly different from them for the better this page?

Ranked unique articles and views, while browsing, citation and the reference to the article.

Admitted if the article grammatical and stylistic errors, or errors in the data provided?

Use the spell checker is. Forget the tricks unikalizatsii become replacement of Russian letters in writing similar to Latin letters.

How well edited content?

Pay attention to the formatting of the article. The text should begin with H1 - where sits the master key is divided into sections with H2, to be release, quotes, pictures, embedded video, etc. For details, see Sec. 1.2.2. "Selling" page. Some secrets.

If the article is designed to actually help readers?

Evaluation - behavioral factors + again and quote a reference to the article, the article and comments may different huskies and Google 1

Is the information presented on this topic in this article fully and comprehensively?

Rate this factor can size comparison articles with articles of similar subjects. Possible occurrence of certain defined revolutions per article of this particular theme. In general, vague idea as with the current computing power can fully assess this factor.
Does the trust of the information provided in the article, in particular, and on vital issues such as health care?

Evaluation - atsessorami, behavioral factors + again and quote a reference to the article, the article and comments may different huskies and Google 1

If the article is littered with ads that distract from the main content?

Non-thematic links to third party sites, pieces of non-thematic text atsessorami score.

Hand on heart, would you add a bookmark to this page or to recommend this material to reading your friends and other users?

Laika, links from social networks, just a reference, Google +1, tweets and retweets

Will dissatisfied users, please visit this site?

While viewing the page, depth of view, he returned to find a visitor in the PS for this search.

Undoubtedly, the algorithm for estimating the quality of the content is much more complex in nature and implementation, but we hope that through these issues become clearer to you, that is taken into account in the development and improvement of mechanisms for determining the more and the less good sites ...

When you work ... you need to focus on the content on the users, and eventually your websites will have a higher rating.

Thus, the influence of behavioral factors on the ranking of websites is no doubt, however, the cumulative impact on the Trust website is different. For example, to reduce the time vysokotrastovyh sites will not see a significant impact on the issue of

- See for example Wikipedia in the sickle, but for young sites have neither age nor the authority, nor the powerful linkbase - behavioral factors are the basis for promotion.

In 2012, the development of SEO optimization WEB resources persists and deepens the value of behavioral factors. Social signals saturated with the "classical» SEO. For example, work well links that go (and fixed PC) clicks, and this in turn leads to the need to increase the length of anchor text for a stronger otstraivaniya links from the main text, and increase the likelihood of clicking on a link. Good work links from sites with high traffic and a large number of incoming social signals. Links do not work with linkopomoek where no organic traffic and, accordingly, the site is not of interest to the user.

Need to manipulate the social component of SEO marketing makes us pay attention to:

Attract the maximum number of social signals to our website Manipulation brand website

Increasing the speed of indexing site by search engines work with snippets to increase CTR to issue

More detailed work with internal linking

Not worth zayvat that without quality, unique and interesting content on the site, which is useful to the end user, chances for growth positions, hit the charts, conversion of visitors - almost zero.

Speaking of linkbildinge in 2012, it should be understood that a reference should be built from popular sites that have a strong social component. That the social order of the metrics today puzomerok most important determinants of phantom and other Trust sites.

Must be based on long-term development strategy as SEO optimization in general, and in particular linkbildinga.

According to the PS, work well links from sites which are very difficult to put a link - and this metric is formalized quite simply the ratio of old site to the number of outgoing links, which in turn allows us to choose the query terms uncomplicated highest quality of available donors.

Over the last year we have delivered hundreds of experiments and tracked hundreds of highly competitive queries, in order to determine the optimal technique of promotion in various search engines. Thus, the most interesting experiment were measured by reference of the new material, the old content, and the "face" of sites. It turned out that all things being equal, the maximum weight to be a reference to the new articles.

Be aware that linkbilding - this is just a small part of SEO optimization and without organic connection with other means of promotion, link building often brings only harm. A typical example is the observation of the site of one of the readers of our manuals, which are less than a year left on the performance of several thousand unique visitors per day without any external reference, solely through proper onpeydzh and onsite optimization and unique, quality content.

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