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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Список стоп-слов для SAPE

Stopword list for SAPE

Stopword list for SAPE



I would be glad if someone also share their lists.
Do not spend this month for nothing!Webmaster non-negligent to the permissibility of his earnings, I propose a list of stopwords for SAPE, which I have accumulated more than 3-4 years of work in this system. After you install this list of options, the number of promotions of all kinds of stuff is sharply reduced and the time for manual processing of applications takes a lot less. However, the acceptance of applications to put in automatic mode, I still strongly discouraged, as such, I often skips sites casino with anchors such as "play now" or "this one site," with their URL contains the word «poker, casino, slots »and others, and the list of stop words in a URL SAPE still, unfortunately, no.










Rakeback tattoos
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I hope these lists will help you.


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