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Какая из бирж тебе по душе?
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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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referential strategy

Since referential promotion, it is important to realize that getting into the top Yandex may take three to six months, and progress on the most competitive requests may last a year or more.

Yandex inhibits website promotion?

The conference RIF + KIB 2010, Alexander Sadovsky asked this question:

"Tell me, now, in the field of high-frequency queries, such as" leasing "," credit "," mortgage "is such situation that the new companies and new sites almost ten leave no chance. Or, to put in a lot of money to promote ... Would not such that the new company was not able to get into the top ten Yandex? "

The answer was as follows:

"Well, excuse me, to enter the market of car production, to market the production of computers, to market the production of almost anything - a lot of money. Create a new bank, comparable in volume with the Savings Bank - this is a huge investment. I do not understand why in the field of search results to be something different. "

Delays in the process of promoting the site - is a deliberate step Yandex. In fact, the site must first prove themselves well, showing the dynamics and stability of a permanent development. Yandex will monitor the behavior of users on the site for a long time before you will get a chance to press the top competitors.

Long road to top

So, are you ready for that top for competitive search phrases to take one jump fails? Then it's time to consider a referential strategy for the months ahead with the inertia of the promotion. All of the references that we will receive, be divided into three categories:

- Permanent natural links

- Permanent paid links

- Interim paid links

Promotion should begin with getting natural links, and the process for their continued growth should not stop even for a day. If your site is new, then after about 2 months, and if the old, then after a month, you can begin to build a neat permanent paid links.

At a time when, for whatever needs poster comes in the second or third top ten SERPs can start buying time paid links.

Permanent natural links

Earlier we talked about how to get natural links. You should understand that the competitors start moving 2-3 years ago or earlier, there is a huge advantage in terms of natural links. So we have to seriously try that as often as possible link to the site appeared on various websites. Need to write endlessly interesting materials and offer them information and industry resources. Only one naked bezankornaya link with each material - this is a small part of a big success. The process should not stop even when a cherished place in the top - the competitors are not asleep!

Be sure to sign up for the most reputable site directories. They are quite a bit:

Yandex Directory www.yaca.yandex.ru/

Open Directory DMOZ www.dmoz.org

Catalog Aporta www.aport.ru/catalog/

Catalog Mail.ru www.list.mail.ru

Plus possible to register all well respected in the industry directory sites.

We strongly recommend you use registration unmoderated catalogs and directories on questionable sites. These links not only help promote the site, but can to some extent hurt him.

Permanent paid links

After a month or obtain permanent comes the paid links. The reality is that without them, take place in today's competitive top of almost impossible. This type of links are placed permanently, contextual links, with links to blogs guards and so on.

The key to prostanovkoy paid links - quality site. We must learn to identify the design, text, the number of visitors and subscribers for which he created the site. Site is for sale links or discreet selling links is just a way to cover the content of the site?

Sites created solely for the purpose of selling links that are not of high quality, they are generally made on the assembly line at minimal cost. It is these sites that should not be placed under any circumstances. Links from such sites for a number of reasons, which we discussed earlier, are simply ignored by Yandex.

Departure from the index pages for them - a common occurrence, and the filter is applied to the AGS Yandex months at 80% of sites.

The growth of this type of reference is best to start with 20-40 units per month, and a couple of months, you can increase the rate of up to 50-150 per month.

Temporary paid links

Now over 99% of sales time paid links through reference exchange. Almost no SEO, to promote the site without placing an automatic links. Many people, in general, except for automatic links nothing more or promote. This, incidentally, explains why some search results are not distinguished.

If present in the form of promotion of a rocket that rushes into space (that is, at the top), then we get a three-stage rocket motor. The first stage (the most powerful) - natural links, second stage - permanent paid links, and finally the third stage, which starts in our case only in a vacuum (that is, when the site is close to the stamp) - this time paid links. If you try to reach outer space, launching a missile at this same third stage, it never breaks out beyond the Earth's gravity, how much fuel we have not burned. Likewise, get to the top by competitive demands only one time paid links for any budget - a problem almost solved.

However spur site position when it is near the time stamp with paid links, it will be possible.

Selecting sites for links should be based on two principles - as a site, as in the case of fixed paid links, as well as on the number of selling links on the site. If the site sells more than 2-3 avtossylok from the page, it is desirable to refrain from buying it links. Websites are constantly involved in the bombings of reference, we may incidentally. And in the page where we post the link, it is desirable to avoid, and not planned other paid links.

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