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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Дизайн интерьер в итальянском стиле

Interior design in the Italian style

Interior in Italian Style

Italy - bright sunny country that attracts people from all over the world, and not a coincidence: here you can see many landmarks and literally dive into the heyday of art and culture. Italians live among this wealth, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that they are characterized by delicate sense of beauty and good taste , which is manifested in the design of interiors. Italian style , or Tuscan ( from the same region ) , as it is called , incorporated the best folk tradition, reflects the current trends in the art of interior design that makes this style relevant and in demand by many.

Features of Italian design

Italian style is inherent in historical depth , complexity, sophistication and originality. Create the interior alone is not easy, so it is better to entrust the job experienced designer : he can competently and effectively use the space , pick up a harmonious color palette , finishing materials , furniture and accessories in the desired style.

Design Italian style - a harmonious blend of natural , rich texture with materials used herein wood, stone , natural fabrics . Colorful , attracting the attention of the element of the interior beams are , more often - dark wood . Venetian plaster ( its composition and unique technology application were developed in ancient Rome ) is perfect for walls, emphasizing style and making the interior a personal and refined. Ceramic tile, it is desirable - matte or marble mosaics traditionally used for flooring , wood will also relevant here, however, its texture should be neutral , as the main focus in the Italian style interior walls are.

Mediterranean interiors and natural living : the emotion that was invested in the creation of an Italian-style furniture and decor elements , literally overwhelmed the space . Italy deservedly regarded as a trendsetter in the furniture industry , and success is largely due to the special , very anxious attitude of Italian masters to the process of labor : for them there is no detail and every detail matters . Forging - a favorite story in Italian interior design : headboards , backs and legs of chairs , wicker furniture elements , light and original ( it is quite common in rooms decorated in this style ) performed wrought .

Creating interior Italian style involves the use of warm natural colors, when cream, ocher , terra cotta , olive, shades of yellow , fill the space with light , shifting associative " spectator " in the Mediterranean atmosphere , the sun-drenched home. Bright accents also must be present that will enliven the interior , will give him an easy festive touch .

Accessories used in Italian interiors

Designed in Italian style presupposes accessories without which the interior will not look complete and holistic : it appropriate pendant antique lamps , wicker basket with fruit and vegetables in the kitchen, decorative bottle with olive oil and spices, bunches of onions , clay flower pots , figurines Murano glass , etc.

Italian interiors are eclectic : in one room can coexist harmoniously sweet bedspread with a floral print and heavy curtains with elaborate draperies, lambrequins and brushes , baskets and exquisite figurines, expensive furniture and wall surfaces with a rough finish with natural stone.

Overall, the interior in the Italian style , should give the impression of a rustic villa in one of the sultry Mediterranean provinces and decorated with a claim to antiquity ( ancient Roman ) luxury. Designed in Italian style - this calming backdrop for relaxation , cozy harmonious atmosphere , value, and time-tested indicator wonderful taste of the owners.

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