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Какая из бирж тебе по душе?
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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Что должен знать каждый об охране окружающей среды?

What everyone should know about the Environment?

The collection of a variety of measures have been taken to limit or even prevent the negative impact of human activity on the Earth's environment - this is the environment.

The calendar marked the day protection. In our country, even in 2008, this date is also celebrated as the Day of the ecologist.

Protection of the environment - is a major contrast to pollution of the planet.

Probably, most environmentalists today portend rapid destruction of mankind if we continue so senseless and merciless harm the ecology of our ball. Polluting their environment, humanity each year brings crisis and apocalypse of all life on Earth. Let's see - that generally represents the concept of pollution. Thus, the pollution - it's all kinds of violation of undermining the work of all the Earth's ecosystems, the waste discharged into the environment people. They destroy four main shell of the planet - the hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and lithosphere.

Let us recall the simple laws of nature - for every action there is always opposition. And, with careful consideration, we see that almost everything is balanced in this world. As in nature - day and night, man and woman. And in human terms - good and evil, etc. And the environment - a natural confrontation pollution, the necessary counterweight. All this does not mean that there will come an absolute harmony, but at least strive for equality is necessary. I sincerely want to believe that the balance will still be installed. Not even to mention the global reduction of pollution to a minimum. And today we can only hope that in the near term protection will be supported by all the people, and each person will make little effort will make a contribution to the preservation of nature, and yet we have to consider the preservation of nature in a single order.

Measures for the Protection and Environmental Protection

It is necessary to minimize the level of pollution - then you need to carry out mandatory and operational measures for its protection. This means that you need to do:

Limit and begin continuous monitoring of hazardous emissions into the vital envelope of the planet.

Create protected areas and national parks, so you can save the whole natural complexes.

Limit control of catching fish and hunting in order to ensure the preservation of endangered species.

This is only part of an impressive list of useful cases for nature. Much of this is quite big, but still not enough. Simply, it is necessary that each person put a bit of effort and even caught myself thinking that the rubbish is always necessary to throw in the trash.

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