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Какая из бирж тебе по душе?
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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Какой выбрать Ноутбук

How to choose laptop

Every day more and more PC users are willing to be mobile. Modern laptop allows virtually any person in any place and at any time to access the Internet, which provides virtually unlimited opportunities and information exchange. As you know, demand creates supply, so the leading firms notebook manufacturers Sony, Toshiba, HP, Asus, Acer, Fujitsu-Siemens, Dell, Samsung, LG, IBM, Apple, Compaq manufacture a wide range of laptop models that are able to meet the needs of most demanding customers . Do not lag behind their less well-known in our market, but no less ambitious company BenQ, MaxSelect, Prestigio, Roverbook, etc. In short, there is a choice and choice is very wide.

Talking about what kind of laptop to buy, you should clearly identify which functions will be claimed by you as a user, and to solve some problems to use a laptop computer. You should also mention the price factor, it is no secret that the quality of loyalty and tradition, Sony, Apple or Toshiba will have to pay an amount far greater than China's untested or stamping BenQ Prestigio. This so-called co-payment for brand.

Let's start with laptops for not very demanding customers, for example, student or office worker tasks which can be reduced using a PC to work with office applications, email, surf the Internet, listening to music and watching movies. For this, let's say - a typical, low buyer is perfect notebooks Dell, HP, Acer Aspire series and TravelMate, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, as well as notebooks or BenQ Prestigio. Budget Series notebooks from these manufacturers tend to have fairly similar configuration - just everything you need and do without the frills. Still, for the price Give the user all at once. Certainly not!

If you already have some experience with computers, you know, that is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with what they eat, you know the difference between Outlook and The Bat, between NOD32 and AVP, etc. For you to first place is the reliability, speed and performance, the best solution for you will be laptops Toshiba, Sony, Asus, Business line of HP, Dell, IBM, Apple and LG. Typically, these manufacturers notebooks features exceptional reliability and performance, as well as Asus was generally known for its unique engineering solutions that allow literally wring the most out of standard platforms, while ensuring stable operation of applications and systems. Toshiba - trendsetter in the so-called middle-class laptops, their wide range of laptop models Toshiba Satellite Series Toshiba Qosmio and allow you to select a laptop computer, the most satisfying all the requests of business people. Sony Business Solutions feature a stylish design, high performance and tight integration with other mobile devices from this manufacturer.

For dessert, a quick look at fashion solutions, or laptop computers for unusual people. This laptops Sony, Apple, Asus, stylish laptops HP, Dell, Samsung. What distinguishes them from conventional "gray" representatives of this class of computers like laptops? First, these models often have unique design and code name, for example, Asus Lamborghini VX-1, or Apple MacBook, helping to immediately identify their affiliation. Second on such laptops as a rule, the test ground for the most advanced solutions chipsets, CPUs, video cards, memory and hard drives. Thus the end user the opportunity to touch the latest achievements of modern engineering. In addition, every fashion laptop necessarily has any unique "fichu" inherent and only him. For example, the same Asus Lamborghini VX-1 is a stylized yellow body, baby Sony Vaio VGN-UX P 180 is able to work 3 times longer than conventional laptop and fits in the palm, while possessing no less functionality than a standard PC, design Notebook Apple, graphics adapter which is capable of producing the highest quality picture, on the matrices are no broken pixels, but on the hard drive can write as much information as a collection of photos or portfolio (if, of course, there is one) can be viewed for days in a slide show.

Deciding to buy a laptop, you can always pick up our site and currently the best model laptop to your taste.

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