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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Отклонения текстов с формулировкой низкое качество статьи

Deviations of the texts with the words poor quality articles

In this article I will describe the main reasons for failure are the authors of the publication with the words "low quality paper."

It may seem strange, but writing a good or a bad article - it is a question of motivation. If the author is initially focused solely on getting back links, or advertising your project - get a bad article. It will be lifeless, surface, curve written language. After all, you see how an article can get a good, if the author does not set a goal to please the reader interesting information.

In contrast, if a person puts himself the task of writing an interesting text, it collects material, checks facts, think through the structure of the article and gives excellent results. And to him already, you can add a link or advertising paragraph - we do not mind.

Need just hype? Order writing articles, and you get really high quality stuff at reasonable prices. And time for yourself and save us, and everyone will be pleased.

What do not?
We have repeatedly faced with a situation where the indignant author accuses us that we sent him an article in the basket without even reading it. Fortunately, our editor is well able to use search and easily find the original article sent. When it appears that the article is a rewrite - all issues at once disappear.

Rewritten articles can be seen immediately and thoroughly. They are written in a pale tongue, contain speech errors, and often do not understand what was meant.

We are not really read the article. An experienced moderator is enough to overlook the first paragraph and point out a few details to make the diagnosis - "rewrite."

Any author who works on the Internet should understand the basics of SEO, to write literate materials that are of interest not only individuals but also search engines. These are the realities of the Internet and this is recognized even in the online editions of major online publications. As a minimum, you must make a competent title that will reflect the essence of the article and the like search engines. We - only. After all, a decent percentage of our visitors come from Google.

But if the author of each sentence pops a keyword or phrase - it is SEO-debilizatsiya. The text has not only become unreadable, but the search engine will kick him out of issue at the earliest opportunity.

SEO-optimization should not be noticeable to the reader and spoil the quality of the article. In this case, it is really competent and will work on the material.

Flat article
Another favorite move would-be advertisers - flat writing articles. In the spirit of "grass - a green and the sky - blue." You read this article and after you see the second paragraph: the text of anything.

These articles are usually perfectly padded to the volume - 2,500 thousand characters and no more than a symbol.

Please spare us from the texts for children of three or even add funny pictures there.

Incomplete articles
Already chosen a more artful version of the "vpendyurit" article with the link. For example, the material is written about car insurance, for the umpteenth time lists ways to save on their helmets ... just one way. After all, one is enough to fit into a specified minimum amount.

This article is bad because the reader still lie in the header. If you write - "for ways to save on their helmets," then they should be at least two, or even better - no less than he knows our moderator.

Another thing that can make it a "franchise - one of the ways to save on the hull," which paints you in detail the pros and cons of this method. This material is a hundred times more interesting to the reader and will fully disclose the theme designated in the title.

Lack of structure
If a man says to himself, for example, keeps a diary, then no structure is required. Written "stream of consciousness" which, subsequently, the author can easily absorb.

Articles, in most cases, written to be read other people, so the format of "stream of consciousness" in this case does not fit - a stranger such a text would be extremely difficult to perceive.

A good article should be structured. Minimum requirements - availability of entry, the sequence of presentation and divide the text into paragraphs.

The style and quality of the language
Infrequently, but there are times when the article is not rewriting, but the quality of the language is very lame. In such a situation - and oh, alas - but the author does not speak Russian sufficiently to write good articles.

Back to school: grammar and punctuation
Shortly before this writing, we received an article on how to enroll in graduate school. Word dissertation was written with three errors: "desirtatsiya." The last word looks more like a verbal noun. Well, at least a good laugh the whole edition.

Authors! Check your text for grammar mistakes and try to more or less correctly set punctuation. Respect the work of our moderators and we will respectfully refer to your efforts in writing material.

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