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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Раскрутка и Продвижение. Обмен визитами и SMM

Promotion and Promotion. Exchange visits and SMM

Exchange visits (surfing) - a fairly common way to promote sites, especially at the initial stage. The exchange of visits should be used only at the initial stage of website promotion, as soon as you see that "untouched" visits have appeared on your resource, then you need to stop using this method.

Another way to quickly attract attention is the advancement in social networks. This method is good for its vast opportunities in promoting not only the site but also advertising products (goods) absolutely any direction. It also contributes to increased traffic and loyalty to the product, brand, etc. But let's move on to surfing.

The main reason why this method of website promotion should be used only at the initial stage of promotion is that visitors who enter your site stay there for 10-20 seconds and then leave the site. And so the search engines think that your resource is not interesting and in the ranking of the search engine it loses its positions. But if your site is only open, and there are no visitors at all, then you are interested in any visitors, even for 10-20 seconds.
You can choose any favorite service and use it, there are no special preferences here.

In conclusion, some recommendations on the use of exchange visits: select 3-5 sites-services for the exchange of visits and 2-3 times a week, add your own site to all viewing plans (1x3, 1x5, etc.). It is better not to add your web project to viewing plans that exceed 1x100, as there are often "glitches" of the system, and the web project is not added, and time is spent.

Remember that exchanging visits is a good thing, but it's difficult to get more or less targeted traffic. Therefore, the promotion of your own site through the exchange of visits (surfing) is relevant only at the initial stage of the life of the site, then you should completely abandon this method of promoting the site.

Internet agencies offer not only the creation of websites at low prices in a short time, but also the exchange of visits. Specialists have extensive experience in creating sites of any complexity: a business card site, an online store and an information portal. When creating a site, each client receives a personal manager. In addition, traditional methods of seo-promotion and newer methods are used (viral advertising, media promotion, promotion in social networks).

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