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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Секреты SEO-кухни

Secrets of SEO-cuisine

And finally, a special chapter, in which we collected the most frequently asked questions on the promotion of a website. Booklet "Secrets of SEO-kitchen" we freely distributed at the conference Optimization, 2011, and we decided that the foregoing it will be interesting to our readers.

What is behavioral factors?

Behavioral factors - the group of factors that take into account:

1) Attendance site / page, including sources other than search engines (type-in, transitions from other sites, etc.).

2) Clickable site / page for this query in the search results - the better the snippet, the higher the CTR, the better PF.

3) The behavior of users on the site, the depth and duration of the display, add bookmarks and other actions.

4) Other factors associated with the actions of users.

What influence behavioral factors to promote website?

Some SEOs recklessly believe that the only condition for getting into the top - this is the number and quality of incoming links. Often, however, not enough attention is paid to the behavioral factors ranking.

Based on the experience of promotion of sites in RBS, it can be argued that behavioral factors play an even greater role than the reference factors ceteris paribus.

Location Yandex learns of behavioral factors on the site?

Yandex installed on millions of computers, provides information on the behavior of users on various sites Yandex

Is it possible to simulate a good behavioral factors?

This question is best answered by the staff of Yandex in his blog (information confirmed in practice): "Recently we have seen attempts to influence search engine by emulating user actions.

This most often happens with programs that set the query to the search engine, and then move on to certain sites, but there are other ways. All of them - a deception that has nothing to do with this optimization. Furthermore, the establishment of such systems promotes cheating botnets, which can be used for DDoS-attacks, spread malware, send spam.

Yandex urges website owners, webmasters and companies providing services in the field of SEO, to refrain from the use of this and other methods psevdooptimizatsii. They are hopeless and can lead to loss of your site's reputation and position in the search results. "

Does usability for his promotion?

Yes, significantly improves user usability factors, and has a significant positive impact on the promotion. In support of these words is a quote from the blog Yandex "quality site depends on its ease of use, also known as" usability "(from the English. Usability). What place, the quicker and easier the visitor can reach your goal - for example, to find the necessary information or to place an order. Uncomfortable site users to quickly leave in search of better resources with similar content.

That users can easily find the answer to your question, we begin to take into account when ranking sites their convenience.

As a first step, we are taught to search to determine whether users can prevent advertising or, conversely, adds to the content. "

What is the impact on the internal optimization of website promotion?

Promotion begins, generally, to the inner optimization. Page optimization includes:

- Internal linking

- Optimization of the texts promoted by requests

- Improved usability

If there is no good relink, the pages will be displayed in the top harder for a desired message. If the texts are not optimized, sometimes no other means, in general, will help bring the site in top. If the site has poor usability, it will have negative impact on behavioral factors complicate and promotion - it will occupy a position lower than it could be.

Is it true that the more often found on the page keyword phrase, the easier it is to bring in the top?

No. It is sufficient that the page had a few occurrences of key phrases, but to go to far with this is not necessary.

In support of a quote from a blog Yandex: "As we have already mentioned, search Yandex prefers sites that are created for people and user friendly, and has a negative attitude to attempts to improve the relevance of pages due to excessive use of keywords in the texts (or entire search queries). Accommodation pereoptimizirovannyh texts that are not addressed to music refers to a method of "psevdooptimizatsii" and does not improve the quality of the site. If the algorithm determines that the content is created to influence the search engine, and increasing the relevance, the position of the document in issue may get worse. "

Possible workaround for internal website optimization (page)?

1) Select queries using Yandex Direct (when promoting a Yandex)

2) Each page should be optimized for 1.2 request, no more (exception - the main page)

3) Key words must be contained in the tag <Title> page

4) It is desirable that the keywords and phrases are also present in the titles of articles and chapters on a page

5) You may also want to use keywords and phrases in the alt and title attributes of images on a page

6) Do not overdo the number of keywords and phrases on the page, several mentions of 5.2 is enough.

7) The content of the page must clearly disclose the topic search query is very important.

8) It is desirable to place links to internal and, where appropriate, external pages with materials and details of key words and phrases.

9) Pictures, diagrams, photos, videos on the page - a great addition to the optimization of the page.

10) Do not use a selection of key words and phrases in bold or underlined.

11) The text is of no value for the promotion, technical areas of code and text to close tags <noindex>

12) To make the page to maximize the opportunities CSS.

13) Check the validity of the code pages. Although most of the errors is not critical, though some of them may cause misinterpretation of the page's content by Yandex.

What is the impact the external links to promote your site?

Promote the site on the top how-ever competitive requests without backlinks impossible. Having a lot of good links is the basic condition contact site to the top.

However, not all links are created equal. Moreover, some of the links, as well as the principle of emergence of links to different sites can have a negative effect on promotion.

Can the Yandex calculate SEO-references?

Yes, he can, though not in all cases. On webmaster.ya.ru / replies.xml? Item_no = 325 can find the following:

"At the moment we have taken measures to reduce the impact of SEO-references from the most popular sites Runet.

We plan to continue to identify such links, and to take all measures to ensure that:

1) sites that sell links, have lost the ability to influence the ranking in this way;

2) buying links from sites might not lead to higher rank a website of the buyer. "

As Yandex find SEO-references?

Alexander Sadovsky (http://www.seonews.ru/online/detail/39670.php), representative Yandex: "References are classified by the set of attributes and a probability score. The higher the probability that the link is a SEO, the less will be the weight. But if there is no confidence, the search algorithm considers the links, but gives it little importance. "

In our opinion, the greatest number of features are SEO-shnosti AutoLink and references to "bad sites". To a lesser extent permanent links, especially placed on the good of the sites where there is no other SEO-references.

Which links are best for advancement?

Alexander Sadovsky representative Yandex: "What is negative and positive - it is a snapshot at a particular time. We are looking factors, both positive and negative. If the sites that have links to a particular type, and assessors will be marked as bad, then at some point a positive factor can be negative or vice versa, that is, it is not a question of ideology, it is a question of setting. "

The conclusion here is obvious - you need to get links, similar beks top sites. Links of a good, but not specific to bad sites can be considered by the best and most useful lords.

In the Top is home to some of the best sites, these sites are being actively discussed on the Internet, they are often referred to, they are constantly creating newsworthy, issuing press releases, that is, the mass grows natural links.

Therefore, the best links - this is natural links.

Can I bring the site in top competitive only by purchased SEO-references?

Yandex struggle with the influence of SEO-references, has an obvious purpose - to complicate, raise the price, and stretch out the effect of SEO. For example, in September 2010, the staff of Yandex blog wrote: "Over the last month has been made a number of changes in the search algorithm to significantly limit the impact of SEO-references to the ranking. In particular this applies to SEO-links from sites with low-quality content, and recently appeared SEO-links. "

And if we add to this strong binding ranking to behavioral factors (see answers to questions about PF), it can be argued that in competitive Topics bring bad site in the top only by SEO-links is difficult.

And the more difficult, the more SEO-shnosti signs have purchased links and worse behavioral factors website compared to competitors' sites.

How to make my site have begun to refer other webmasters?

Gives excellent results for webmasters competitions with good prizes. The donor site is quickly gaining a lot of options, especially if the presence of the link specified in the conditions of competition.

Another good long-playing, but more sophisticated method - creating a very useful service. For example, "Zarplatomer" (from Superdzhob) for payroll, which you can apply for employment.

The tool is a list of questions on the scope of activities, work experience, education, and so on.

After answering all the questions we receive average pay our expert level. To say that the tool has been successful - to say nothing. Thousands of sites across the internet to put and continue to put links to the site "Zarplatomera."

How to select sites to post permalinks?

It is easier to answer the question on what sites do not post links. A few signs of questionable sites given below:

1) Poor, poor design or structure of the site is very inconvenient, not designed for user convenience

3) Irregular site update

4) A brief article at 500-1500 characters (typical of pseudo-sites)

5) Numerous external references in the text, not related to their content (such as an unexpected link "Buy a car" in the text of knitting)

6) Close the comment in a blog

7) The complete absence of comments to the content, if the comment is open or a large number of spam comments to the content

8) Excessive number of banners, teasers and other advertisements, especially if it is the nature of porn

9) The domain name that is contrary to the content site (eg domain buycar.xyz, and the site of breeding dogs)

10) The presence of a large number of online auto and machine translation

I want to buy on the Internet immediately thousands of links to your website, quickly moved to the top. This is a good plan?

This is a very bad plan, a reference explosion without growth behavioral factors will have a positive effect.

Why is my wonderful website is ranked worse than a bad website my competitor?

As a rule, the reasons are:

1) Behavioral. Site visit worse, do not stay on it, especially when you click on that request, for which the site is compared to competitors. In a competitive site better usability, the user spends on the site longer, clicks on more pages.

2) Reference. For your query to your website is a smaller number of good references. Or in general refer to the competitor's site more often, which is why the promotion of any new request it requires fewer links.

3) Internal. Bugs, bad text, the lack of optimization for key phrases, the presence of questionable advertising links to sites spamnye.

And even if all the factors your site exceeds the competitor, it takes time to move it to the top. This was in response to the following question.

Is it possible to quickly put the site in a competitive top?

The conference RIF + KIB 2010, Alexander Sadovsky asked this question:

"Tell me, now, in the field of high-frequency queries, such as" leasing "," credit "," mortgage "is such situation that the new companies and new sites almost ten leave no chance. Or, to put in a lot of money to promote ... Would not such that the new company was not able to get into the top ten Yandex? "

The answer was as follows:

"Well, excuse me, to enter the market of car production, to market the production of computers, to market the production of almost anything - a lot of money. Create a new bank, comparable in volume with the Savings Bank - this is a huge investment. I do not understand why in the field of search results to be something different. "

Based on their experience we can say that to bring in top competitive subjects new site quickly fail.

It may take many months or even years, in terms of the most competitive themes.

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