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14.03.2015 18:43:11
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Способы повысить тиц на своем сайте или как заработать на сателлитах

Ways to improve the particles on their site or how to make money on satellites

TIC raise, raise PageRank.

This post will be entirely devoted to the methods of promotion puzomerki Russian production - TCI to start a little theory:

Thematic Citation Index (TCI) - technology search engine "Yandex", which consists in determining the 'authority' Internet - resources based on the qualitative characteristics of their references to other Web sites. TCI is calculated by a specially developed method, in which importance is attached to the thematic proximity of the resource and reference it Web site. Indicated only rounded values ??that allow to navigate around in the 'authority' of resources.

As you can see, no promises to the site with a large TCI first places in the State. While there, in fairness it should be noted that there is one place where a site with lots TCI certainly overtake a competitor is Yandex Directory.

That's it. Enough of the theory. Turn to the specifics. So that, dear readers it easier to take in information - use a numbered list.
1. Brochures, catalogs closed, closed mesh.

Thousands of directories on the Internet. And every day there and die dozens or even hundreds of directories. There are special services that allow you to register the site in the directories: 1ps.ru or autoreg.ru

Register website can be different methods or by machine, or run to order special, or yourself (handles). You can regitsya directories with special programs, for example AllSubmitter. The result of running a large extent depends on the quality of database catalog is online - a service bundled with programkoy (purchased or collected) for these purposes.

If you have a regular site claiming to be a "serious project", I would recommend, first, try to manually register your site in directories from here
2. Exchange articles or links.

There is no doubt that the exchange of articles will bring much more benefits than just sharing links. For good results, you should change links with sites similar in theme.

For even better results, I personally would not recommend using a mutual exchange and cross. Less cross-fertilization that at least one of the participants in the exchange must have 2 sites similar themes and, preferably, approximately equal in authority.

Trackbacks blogs can be considered as a kind of link exchange for blogging. Just mention on his blog an interesting article on another blog, and if this blog trackbacks enabled, the link to your post will appear on the page of the blog to which you refer.

Linkator - in the furnace. Warning!!! Never use automated scripts exchange. If you are using, then do not say you were not warned!
3. Perelinkovka their sites, a network of satellites.

If you care to refer to their own sites, given the subject of pages and sites, you can get a good result. You can create a network of sites (satellites) of (relink) with each other and linking to the main project, to transfer to this project, "weight".

Network of satellites containing 5-20 pages (not to be confused with govnosaytami for exchanges), depending on the purpose for which they were created, may be very different structure and size.

The most expensive and reliable option: Network, built on the domain second level, on a paid hosting. All the satellites to have a unique design and content. Relink properly with each other. Such a network would cost a lot. Require continued support (domains, hosting, tracking the index). The life quality of networks is unlimited.

The most affordable and very effective option. Network sites or blogs with domains third level on free hosting sites, or bloghostingah that are filled or kopipastnym sinonimizirovannym content. Such networks do not live long: a few weeks to several months, and as loss of sites from the index falling apart, losing their effectiveness.

Subdomain: One of the economical ways to build a network of satellites to his. There are 2 variants of the growth of TCI with subdomains.

You can rivet their own thematic minisaytikov slightly increase their weight and stamped referential links to a domain that you want to increase the TCI.
To arrange a free hosting on subdomains. As the board require users to place links to your main project. Ideal for those who have or rent your own server.

4. Article directories, exchange papers.

Very reliable method. The effect depends on the method of application and availability of the brain at webmaster.

The performance runs several replicated articles free directory of articles ranging from negative to quite good. It all depends on the quality of placement of articles and quality of the sites on which articles are placed.
The greatest effect will placing articles through the exchange of articles on a fee basis.

Of course, the articles must be unique and posted on the Trust, niche sites.
5. Catalogues of press releases.

Imagine, there are also not hard to find, just type in yandex'e "added the press release." As the article directories are like with free accommodation and a fee. The principle is the same as in the article directories, except that the form of a press release a little bit different from the articles. Most suitable for business - Web sites.
6. Stir up the affiliate program.

Here the most important thing to interest a potential customer, so that he posted on your link. It is best to peck people to "freebie". Promise remuneration in kind or cash for what the affiliate link on somebody will go to your website. In its classical form - do you share with a partner of profit for each customer or lured by the client made the purchase. But not necessarily reward must be material, it may be a free service or some other bonus which is valuable to the partner. Make your affiliate program is not difficult. On the Internet, pretty easy to find many free scripts that can organize a referral system on the site, you can write a script yourself or to order to fit your needs from a freelancer.
7. Use the links exchange.

If you have money - just buy quality links to exchange, for example: sape.ru

And wait apatite particles.

Want to save? Sell ??links on their sites, used the money to buy links on the same site with the anchors, you can kill two birds with one stone: roll out TCI and get targeted search traffic.
8. Social Bookmarking, Social Networking news.

TCI slight increase (10-20), but it is believed that the social sphere as soon as possible to help indexing of your site and social network news and even give traffic growth.

Most of the classical social networking closed from indexation and do not give a direct increase in TCI but allow, through groups and communities to express their website or blog, a lot of people. If your life is interesting audience, that people already own will link to your site (blog) and its materials, it will gain natural links
9. Forums, guestbooks, message boards

Adding a post on the forums (+ sign in the profiles). Drawback - the need for moderation and logged in to leave a post.
The comments in the guest with a link to your site. The lack of same - moderation, moderation where there is no guest so befouled that the value of links is negligible.
Placing ads on bulletin boards. Disadvantage - some boards advertise for a fixed term (from 2 weeks to a year) over time, such links are lost and need to be repeated periodically run.

Automate routine will help an assistant spammer - Xrumer. (Warning!!! A result of incompetent use, can cause only harm to the site.)
10. Comments in blogs

Many of the comments of blogs, especially on the engine from indexing wordpress closed nofollow, but TCI transmit properly. In blogs there is another "+" on some blogs a monthly updated top commentators, and not entirely closed on the index, there is not too difficult to get, but will link to your site with master pages, or even cross-cutting (ie every page). By the way, Xrumer, and here may be useful. (Do not forget about the Warning-e of paragraph 9)
11. Viral Marketing

Come up with something unusual, useful or just funny (not the main accordion), run the link in the network and get the traffic (though not the target) and a lot of natural links to blogs, forums, places iprochih communication ... Organize a virtual and a real flash mob. And of course the classics - an unusual online survey, the original votes or competitions. Contests can be performed with a variety of prizes.
12. RSS-feed

Create a news feed based on your site and register to rss-directories. This is another source of free links. (By the way, be sure to subscribe to the RSS for this blog, there will be more interesting)
13. Build your mailing list

The main advantage of sending this course readers, who are your potential visitors. And of course, the links from the archive site mailing list. Of course, the link will not thematic, but the process of creating a mailing list can be as automatic as possible, for example by means of RSS. The extra visitors and links to anyone not hurt.
14. Register for job-sites.

It's simple. Register as an employer or applicant on the site to find work. Some sites are allowed to put on the profile link on the home site or official website, these links are not closed from indexation.
15. Services questions and answers.

Just as with job-sites. Or a reference from the profile of the participant, or skillfully insert links to your site to the questions or answers during the discussion.
16. Engage in design

. Create your own free templates (skins) to popular engine sites (CMS). No skills or knowledge required to design? Take care of the translation of existing free themes in their native language. Obligatory condition of free use of the template make the existence of open for indexing links to copyright.
17. Work with different content.

Fotokontent - if the photo shown on another page to download from your site, it is also a link.
Video - similar to a photo.
Audio content - no comment.
Become an Editor http://ru.wikipedia.org/ - it may be possible to place a link there.

18. Yandex hole

create a satellite
looking for a site with a muzzle, and copy titsem
Fill it to the subdomain
put this on the subdomain in robotsah main host site titsem
wait up to two
look at the glued particles on a sub-domain and admire each other, in combination with me, too
still waiting for an two
shove in glanders domain peretekshim it titsem with subdomain
get loot and do not forget to share, you can sign up for this in Sapa and constantly receive similar themes in ICQ and other means of communication, if only fought referral:))

19. Mirror sites

Put this on sites in the robots.txt HOST on our main site. Tits pereletsya with mirrors on the main site, with less overlapping links.
20. Create something useful and necessary to people! Unique content or service.

The best method of promotion TCI website - natural links. When your website or blog is so good that it is referred to simply as follows. Unique articles, other unique content (such as scripts, utilities, or e-books). A necessary, useful and desirable free online service, just very promotes the appearance of natural links.

In conclusion I would add that 3, 4-digit figures or more TCI does not guarantee top positions in the issuance of competitive requests. But clearly demonstrate to those whom it touches, the slope of the site owner. Well, of course, three-dimensional "belly", contributes significantly to the increase in profits from the sale of options: guards, stock exchanges, articles or links.

Filter to lift particles

This filter allows you to pick up particles by means of sapy 40-50 for a couple of updates for only 400-600 rubles a month. Some sell it, and then post the charge.

Price <= 2.00 rubles. And nesting level page> = 1 and external links <= 3 And Forecast external link <= 4 and Level 2 domain and the domain's zone = (. Ru) And there in Yandex and only sites that have been added in the last 7 days

If you have something to supplement the list - ask in the comments. By the way, past the moderation comment on this article, will also help increase your site TCI. (The last sentence is not true.)

And in conclusion I want to give you advice on the possibility of twist and try to raise the TIC, to raise the PageRank.

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